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xff file formats


Sometimes it is useful to understand the working mechanism of a specific file format supported by NeuroElf/xff, particularly for the text-based (tff) formats (e.g. BrainVoyager QX's protocol file format). This page will, in time, link to information about the various formats.

List of formats

Binary formats

  • CMP, GCM, and ICA (BrainVoyager QX combined format for component, Granger, and ICA maps)
  • GLM (BrainVoyager QX general-linear-model file, storage of regression results)
  • HDR and NII (Analyze/NIftI file format, multi-purpose storage of 3D/4D voxel-wise data)
  • MAP (BrainVoyager QX slice-based map file, i.e. for FMR overlay)
  • MAT (Matlab MAT file with data field)
  • MSK (BrainVoyager QX mask file, voxel-based)
  • MTC (BrainVoyager QX mesh-based timecourse file)
  • SMP (BrainVoyager QX surface map file, i.e. for SRF overlay)
  • SRF (BrainVoyager QX surface file, vertices, triangles, normals, colors)
  • SSM (BrainVoyager QX surface-to-surface mapping file, maps vertices from one to another surface)
  • STC (BrainVoyager QX slice-based timecourse file, actual data referenced in FMR files)
  • VMP (BrainVoyager QX voxel-based map file, i.e. for VMR overlay)
  • VMR (BrainVoyager QX voxel-based MR file, i.e. anatomical data)
  • VTC (BrainVoyager QX voxel-based timecourse file)

Text-based formats

  • FMR (BrainVoyager QX Functional MR file)
  • MDM (BrainVoyager QX Multi-study design matrix file)
  • OLT (BrainVoyager QX Overlay Look-up Table file)
  • POI (BrainVoyager QX Patch-Of-Interest file)
  • PRT (BrainVoyager QX Protocol file)
  • SDM (BrainVoyager QX Single-study design matrix file, supercedes the older RTC format)
  • TAL (BrainVoyager QX Talairach transformation file)
  • TRF (BrainVoyager QX Transformation file)
  • VOI (BrainVoyager QX Volume-Of-Interest file)
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