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 +====== root.Help ======
 +===== Motivation =====
 +This function is a means to get help on either a) all object types, b) a specific object type, or c) a specific method of the root object type.
 +===== Reference ('​root.Help('​Help'​)'​) =====
 +<​file>​ ROOT::​Help ​ - get Help on methods
 + ​FORMAT: ​      ​[helptext] = xff.Help([typmeth]);​
 + Input fields:
 +       ​typmeth ​    ​optional type or method
 + ​Output fields:
 +       ​help ​       complete help over all methods</​file>​
 +===== Usage notes =====
 +If called without any argument (on the root object), the ''​Help''​ method provides a list of all available methods for all object types. If called with the name of an object type (e.g. '''​vmr'''​),​ all methods available for that object type will be shown. And if called with the name of a method for the root object itself (e.g. '''​Documents'''​),​ the actual help text for that method is shown. ยท Last modified: 2010/08/04 18:00 by jochen