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This function is a means to get help on either a) all object types, b) a specific object type, or c) a specific method of the root object type.

Reference ('root.Help('Help')')

 ROOT::Help  - get Help on methods
 FORMAT:       [helptext] = xff.Help([typmeth]);
 Input fields:
       typmeth     optional type or method
 Output fields:
       help        complete help over all methods

Usage notes

If called without any argument (on the root object), the Help method provides a list of all available methods for all object types. If called with the name of an object type (e.g. 'vmr'), all methods available for that object type will be shown. And if called with the name of a method for the root object itself (e.g. 'Documents'), the actual help text for that method is shown. · Last modified: 2010/08/04 18:00 by jochen