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NeuroElf feature requests


Many (if not most) of the features being implemented in NeuroElf have been requested by colleagues. While I enjoy the process of developing algorithms and translating them into Matlab, I usually require that the product of my work is actually used. Hence I would say that if you think a feature you are missing could be of use for several labs/researchers, you are welcome to submit it for inclusion into this list (which I will update whenever a feature becomes requested or available).

Comment: the fact that most features on the list were requested on May 18th 2010 is because I presented the toolbox to the SCN lab meeting that day…

Feature requests

I have decided to create separate lists for

  • features of use which seem either relatively easy to implement (short time) or of high interest (important additions for the toolbox)
  • features that seem useful but might take very long to implement or where the use is limited to a very specific application
  • features which I consider not suitable or of too little use for the toolbox (in which case I would also give a short comment as to why I believe so)
  • features that were requested and which have been implemented

To be implemented

Feature name Requested by Request date Description Status
spm5_prepro improvements Hedy Kober et al. 5/18/2010 more flexibility w.r.t. subject normalization (support for EPI template, DARTEL toolbox), text field for number of skipped volumes, setting origins/orientation of source data (fewer problems during normalization/coregistration), option to purge intermediate preprocessing steps (less storage on disk required) in pipeline
combining VMPs (in GUI) Hedy Kober 5/18/2010 dialog that allows to flexibly combine maps from several VMP containers, if necessary with resampling/relocation of data in pipeline
mutliple scatters Jen Silvers 5/18/2010 ability to plot several, independent scatter plots in the GUI (e.g. for multiple groups of subjects or to compare conditions; interface still requires specification! in pipeline
importvmp dialog enhancement Hedy Kober 5/18/2010 allowing the user to specify Analyze/NIftI files containing maps from several folders in pipeline
normalization check Jochen Weber 5/18/2010 automatic generation (update) of a multi-subject/multi-session VTC (or other format) to quickly verify (via eyeballing) that the normalization has worked alright in pipeline
importrfxglm bug fix Jochen Weber 5/18/2010 currently the condition selection in importrfxglmfromspms does not allow to specify the conditions to be imported; while they can be easily removed after the import is complete, it would of course be nicer for that feature to work! in pipeline
local storage of configs Nick Ketz 5/18/2010 in a network-based software setup (central installation of NeuroElf), the configuration files are currently shared (as they live in the installation folder); either make the filenames local (e.g. based on username) or store locally (in user folder) in pipeline
GUI-based origin setting Jochen Weber 5/19/2010 enhanced way to specify the origin and orientation of a dataset by allowing the user to drag (and shift+drag) the dataset for translation (and rotation) in pipeline
SDM::CalcBetas update/fix Jochen Weber 5/20/2010 after code inspection, I realized that some features only exist in the help (masking/thresholding/global signal as nuisance); adding that code!! in pipeline
spm5_prepro enhancement Jen Silvers 6/8/2010 option to set a filename pattern for the VTCs that are created after preprocessing in pipeline

Potential candidates

Feature name Requested by Request date Description Comment
Granger causality Jochen Weber et al 5/18/2010 computing of Granger causality, both in the BrainVoyager pair-wise style, but also in a network-like way (comparable to the toolbox of Anil Seth in Matlab) needs a lot of research and coding effort, decision pending
mediation Jochen Weber et al 5/18/2010 support (or integration) of Tor Wager's mediation toolbox so as to have it work with all supported file formats probably doable in a few days of coding, very likely
improvement of PPI Ajay Satpute at al 5/18/2010 the new PPI-like feature (MDM::ComputeGLM) should be improved (to allow the SPM-typical deconvolution and reconvolution) will require quite some additional coding
GSR data processing Rich Lopez 5/19/2010 processing of GSR data with automatic filtering and signal detection still needs a lot of work, and some consultation before final decision…

Unlikely candidates

Feature name Requested by Request date Description Reason for exclusion from list of likely candidates

Already implemented

Feature name Requested by Request date Description Implemented in version
GUI: define ROI feature Jochen Weber 5/18/2010 the actual code to create a VOI from the marked voxels was missing v0.9a SNAPSHOT
GUI: local maxima checkbox Kevin Ochsner 5/18/2010 prior to the implementation, users needed to press the “L” key to disable/enable local maxima splitting of clusters (and the state of that flag was invisible) v0.9a SNAPSHOT
GUI: goto nearest maximum Kevin Ochsner 5/18/2010 the GUI should allow users to set the current position of the cursor to the closest voxel that was determined as a maximum of an earlier cluster table call v0.9a SNAPSHOT
GUI: flexible contrast weights Ajay Satpute 5/18/2010 allowing users to edit contrast weights by entering a number instead of the less flexible +1/-1/0 and subsequent balancing logic v0.9a SNAPSHOT
ClearObjects (xff method) Nick Ketz 5/18/2010 giving users an option to clear several objects at once that match a common filename pattern v0.9a SNAPSHOT
any2ascii overload Jochen Weber 5/18/2010 overloading of other classes (xfigure, xff) to allow passing of objects in ASCII format (e.g. for GUI elements) v0.9a SNAPSHOT
tff optional as binary Jochen Weber 5/30/2010 for large text-based files (FBR), there is a high speed-up potential if the file is read and parsed as binary content – implemented for testing! v0.9a SNAPSHOT
masks from VMPs in GUI Ethan Kross 5/29/2010 giving the user a simple option to convert the current statistical selection (height and size threshold of currently displayed map/s) into a BrainVoyager compatible MSK object v0.9a SNAPSHOT
echo mode in GUI Nick Ketz 5/18/2010 GUI should give the names of functions/methods called (to allow users to script their actions in a simple way) v0.9a SNAPSHOT
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