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colcode2uint32 (reference only)

  colcode2uint32  - convert from colcode to uint32 array
  FORMAT:       outarray = colcode2uint32(inarray)
  Input fields:
        inarray     Nx4 input array of type colcolde
                    (n, 1) = color index or NaN
                    (n, 2) = red component (0...255)
                    (n, 3) = green component (0...255)
                    (n, 4) = blue component (0...255)
  Output fields:
        outarray    Nx1 uint32 array
  See also uint322colcode


For performance reasons, BrainVoyager supports both index based coloring (e.g. two-color curvature information, or for painting/cutting during flattening) *and* RGB coloring. To store both kinds of information in a separable way, 3 bytes per vertex would not have been sufficient.

Internally, any RGB colored vertex is stored with hexadecimal 0x3f prefix (which resembles single-precision floating point numbers in the range between 0.5 and 2). Index based colors are stored with a prefix of 0x00. Currently, alpha information is not supported (per vertex).

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