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 +====== renamedicom (function reference) ======
 +This function works in scripted mode, but also has its own UI window
 +===== Scripting =====
 +===== UI-based =====
 +==== Required steps ====
 +To open the UI of renamedicom,​ simply call the function without any arguments:
 +<code matlab>​renamedicom</​code>​
 +This opens the following dialog window:
 +{{:​renamedicom_ui.png|renamedicom UI window}}
 +  * select a search folder (either by entering the name or using the **Browse...** button)
 +  * once the settings (file extension limitation and sub-directory search) are made, click the **Search...** button
 +  * the list of found files will appear
 +  * files that are not supposed to be renamed (e.g. without extension limitation you also catch other files!) can be deleted by clicking the minus (**-**) button next to the list
 +  * you can click on any of those files and then read in the DICOM header by clicking the **//i//** button
 +  * from the available fields you can decide which fields to use to generate a target filename (see below)
 +  * this should be tested (!) by clicking the **Test** button
 +  * once everything seems to work fine, click the **Rename...** button
 +This way, several subjects/​session can be processed at once!
 +==== Target pattern creation ====
 +The target file name will be determined from DICOM header fiels. The pattern will be parsed for occurrences of the percent character (%), which must comply to the following format:
 +  * a single percent sign (**%**)
 +  * a valid printf length field (representing the length of the inserted particle, use a leading 0 for numbers, e.g. **04**)
 +  * the letter **k** (which indicates the separation of length and key number)
 +  * the dicom key as 8-digit number (with leading zeros, e.g. 00200010, representing the subject ID)
 +Example: the string **'​File-%04k00200010.dcm'​** would be parsed to replace **%04k00200010** with the content of DICOM header field with key number 0020.0010, as a 4-digit number with leading zeros.
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