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 +====== NeuroElf support ======
 +Given that, next to the development and maintenance of this toolbox, I have quite a few other tasks to attend to at [[http://​​|my lab at Columbia University]],​ direct support for the toolbox is limited.
 +If you have a specific question, please use the following guidelines on how to get help:
 +===== Reporting errors =====
 +In case you are running into a problem with one of the functions of NeuroElf, please let me know by sending an email to info (at) neuroelf (dot) net. Not only will you benefit from the solution but others as well!
 +Be as specific as you can about
 +  * how the problem can be reproduced
 +  * the operating system and platform as well as the Matlab version you are using
 +  * for smaller files (needed to re-create the problem), attach those to the initial email
 +  * if you think that larger files (e.g. 4-D timeseries, statistical maps, anatomical datasets, etc.) are required to demonstrate the problem, please contact me about the situation; if indeed necessary, I will provide you with a temporary FTP account which you can use to upload files to -- **please ensure that the uploaded files do NOT contain identifiable data before the transfer! FTP is an unencrypted protocol!!**
 +In prior version, many bugs have been found by users, and your help in finding them is highly appreciated!
 +===== Requesting features =====
 +First, please check whether the feature you are looking for has [[NeuroElf feature requests|already been requested]] by someone else (or maybe even already implemented!).
 +If it is not on the list, feel free to send me an email (also addressed to info (at) neuroelf (dot) net). **Please be aware that given my having a full-time position at Columbia, I cannot satisfy all requests**, but if the feature you are looking for seems interesting for my colleagues (i.e. it is of general use), there is yet quite a good chance you will see it in an upcoming version (and sooner, if you are willing to make use of the more frequent snapshots).
 +===== Foreign code inclusion =====
 +You might either be a coder yourself of have some code that might be useful for the inclusion in NeuroElf. In that case, please check the license of that code (that is, if you haven'​t written it yourself), and if you think it's of interest and appropriate,​ feel free to send me copy to the same email address.
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