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 ====== NeuroElf license ====== ====== NeuroElf license ======
 <​file>​ NeuroElf <​file>​ NeuroElf
- ​Version 0.9a      10051620 May+ ​Version 0.9c      11042920 April
- ​Copyright (c) 2010, Jochen Weber+ ​Copyright (c) 2010, 2011, Jochen Weber
  All rights reserved.  All rights reserved.
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  - Hester Breman, Brain Innovation, B.V.  - Hester Breman, Brain Innovation, B.V.
- - Federico Demartino, Brain Innovation, B.V.+ - Federico Demartino, Brain Innovation, B.V. and University of Maastricht 
 + - Bryan Denny, Columbia University
  - Fabrizio Esposito, Brain Innovation, B.V.  - Fabrizio Esposito, Brain Innovation, B.V.
- - Elia Formisano, Faculty of Psychology, University of Maastricht + - Elia Formisano, University of Maastricht 
- - Rainer Goebel, ​Faculty of Psychology, University of Maastricht+ - Rainer Goebel, ​Brain InnovationB.V. and University of Maastricht
  - Armin Heinecke, Brain Innovation, B.V.  - Armin Heinecke, Brain Innovation, B.V.
 + - Hedy Kober, Yale University
  - Pim Pullens, Brain Innovation, B.V.  - Pim Pullens, Brain Innovation, B.V.
- - Alard Roebroeck, Faculty of Psychology, University of Maastricht + - Alard Roebroeck, University of Maastricht 
- - Tor Wager, ​Department ​of PsychologyColumbia University+ - Ajay Satpute, Columbia University 
 + - Jen Silvers, Columbia University 
 + - Tor Wager, ​University ​of ColoradoBoulder
  ​additional thanks go to the SCAN Unit of Columbia University to allow  ​additional thanks go to the SCAN Unit of Columbia University to allow
- me to continue working on this toolbox</​file>​+ me to continue working on this toolbox 
 + (c) 2006 - 2011, Jochen Weber, 
 +                  formerly at Brain Innovation, B.V., Maastricht, NL 
 +                  now at SCAN Unit, Columbia University, NYC, NY, USA</​file>​
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