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 +====== NeuroElf - reporting errors ======
 +===== Motivation =====
 +First, I would like for NeuroElf to be as error-free as possible, which then also is something other users can profit from! And while I can try as I might, I simply won't test all possible cases of application for any given function...
 +===== Requirements =====
 +Please compile the following information when you wish to report an error with NeuroElf:
 +  * version of Matlab and NeuroElf you are using
 +  * the Operating System you run Matlab on (potentially important for UI based differences and compiled MEX functions)
 +  * a description about the error (please try to be as specific as you can)
 +  * name of the function giving the error (in case this is one of the ''​subsref''​ or ''​subsasgn''​ overloaded methods of either of the [[transimg]],​ [[transio]],​ [[xff]], or [[xfigure]] classes, please at least try to use the information on the [[Matlab debugging]] page to locate the
 +  * locate the rough position of the error (e.g. arguments that are supposed to be accepted are rejected by one of the private method functions)
 +  * test whether the function works fine with other files
 +  * if files are needed to reproduce the error either send those files along (if their total size is less than 1Megabyte, possibly archived) or upload them to one of the free file-sharing services (make sure they are properly anonymized beforehand!)
 +===== Where to report the error =====
 +Once you have all the information you need, please send an email with all of it to ''​**errors (at) neuroelf (dot) net**''​.
 +Usually I will react within a day or two, and if you do not hear back from me at all, please feel free to email again...
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