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 +====== BVQXfile ======
 +===== Motivation =====
 +Given that this toolbox is the successor of BVQXtools (a toolbox solely meant for BrainVoyager QX file formats), the function to perform file I/O was renamed. To be able to continue using older scripts that were written with BVQXtools (using a class named BVQXfile), this function is provided as a transparent pass-through function.
 +===== Requirements =====
 +It is important for NeuroElf to function properly and fully interact with all objects, etc. that any former installation of **BVQXtools is removed from the Matlab path** (to do so, enter ''​pathtool''​ at the Matlab prompt and remove any references to a BVQXtools folder).
 +===== Function reference ('help BVQXfile'​) =====
 +<​file> ​ BQVXfile ​ - compatibility function to xff class interface
 +  FORMAT: ​      ​[output = ] BVQXfile([input]);​
 +  Input/​Output fields
 +                    See xff
 +  See also xff</​file>​
 +===== Usage =====
 +All major ways to call BVQXfile in the BVQXtools should work. If an object is the expected output, instead of returning an object of type ''​BVQXfile'',​ an [[xff]] object will be returned. Still the call to [[isBVQXfile]] will return, as will all subsequent uses of the struct notation (overloading [[@xff/​subsref|subsref]] for xff).
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