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Given that this toolbox is the successor of BVQXtools (a toolbox solely meant for BrainVoyager QX file formats), the function to perform file I/O was renamed. To be able to continue using older scripts that were written with BVQXtools (using a class named BVQXfile), this function is provided as a transparent pass-through function.


It is important for NeuroElf to function properly and fully interact with all objects, etc. that any former installation of BVQXtools is removed from the Matlab path (to do so, enter pathtool at the Matlab prompt and remove any references to a BVQXtools folder).

Function reference ('help BVQXfile')

  BQVXfile  - compatibility function to xff class interface
  FORMAT:       [output = ] BVQXfile([input]);
  Input/Output fields
                    See xff
  See also xff


All major ways to call BVQXfile in the BVQXtools should work. If an object is the expected output, instead of returning an object of type BVQXfile, an xff object will be returned. Still the call to isBVQXfile will return, as will all subsequent uses of the struct notation (overloading subsref for xff).

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