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 Ajay received his PhD from [[http://​​people/​satpute.html|UCLA]] in 2008. Ajay received his PhD from [[http://​​people/​satpute.html|UCLA]] in 2008.
-After his PhD he joined ​the lab of [[http://​​~kochsner/​people.htm|Prof. Kevin Ochsner]] at [[​labpersonnel.html|Columbia University'​s SCAN Unit]] (until mid 2011)+He is currently an assistant professor in the psychology and neuroscience departments at Pomona College, Claremont, CA
 ===== wiki pages index ===== ===== wiki pages index =====
   * [[NeuroElf usage notes|Ajay'​s usage notes]]   * [[NeuroElf usage notes|Ajay'​s usage notes]]
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