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MDM (BrainVoyager QX's Multiple-Design-Matrix) file format


For several reasons, it is useful to be able to inspect and alter the list of studies used in particular analysis (e.g. to use a search-and-replace edit command in case files have been moved).

General setup

The information contained in BrainVoyager QX text files is either given in the form:

NameOfField:      Value

or, if a short list of values (e.g. an RGB color code triplet) is given, as

NameOfList:       Value1 Value2 Value3

or yet, in case several values are to be coded, as an array of values (or strings) without any header

Row1Col1 Row1Col2 Row1Col3
Row2Col1 Row2Col2 Row2Col3

Text-based tokens (constant values) are generally given without quotes (with exceptions noted where appropriate)! Linebreaks and empty lines are added for increased readability. They do, however, not impact the actual reading of information from the file!


FileVersion:          3
TypeOfFunctionalData: VTC

RFX-GLM:              1

PSCTransformation:    1
zTransformation:      0
SeparatePredictors:   2

NrOfStudies:          5
"/Data/Study/Sub01/Sub01_MNI.vtc" "/Data/Study/Sub01/Sub01_Protocol.prt"
"/Data/Study/Sub02/Sub02_MNI.vtc" "/Data/Study/Sub02/Sub02_Protocol.prt"
"/Data/Study/Sub03/Sub03_MNI.vtc" "/Data/Study/Sub03/Sub03_Protocol.prt"
"/Data/Study/Sub04/Sub04_MNI.vtc" "/Data/Study/Sub04/Sub04_Protocol.prt"
"/Data/Study/Sub05/Sub05_MNI.vtc" "/Data/Study/Sub05/Sub05_Protocol.prt"


As almost any text-based file format in BrainVoyager QX, a FileVersion field allows the program to add new features. Given that information, the following fields are currently supported by NeuroElf/xff:

Field name Type Content Meaning
FileVersion single number 1, 2, or 3 the default is 3, as it allows the most flexibility (see notes of other fields below)
TypeOfFunctionalData text token
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